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[BB] Theo's Big Brother Season 20: Heads of a House

Welcome to Theo's Big Brother Season 20: Heads of a House! Thank you all for watching.
This is the twentieth season of Theo's Big Brother, and to celebrate this special anniversary we are bringing together twenty of the best players yet to participate in a very all-star season!
Well, without further ado, time to see the season!
Note: In the actual season, some images may be slightly different than how you imagine your character, as thispersondoesnotexist isn't always cooperative. This was especially prevalent with seasons before FYM.
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~The Houseguests~
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Live Feeds~
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15 Going On 80: THE FINAL UPDATE (I hope.)

If this is not the final update on 15 Going on 80, I may just lose my ever-loving mind. Or maybe someone is going to jail. Who knows? TL;DR: at the end, though you may want to read the next paragraph for a breakdown of the acronyms. *Triggecontent warning, mention of abortion/difficult pregnancy, as well as animal neglect/abuse.*
Recap: My SO and I rent a downstairs space from his Cousin (dubbed SOC). SOC has a child (LO) and a wife (CW). CW's grandmother, (GMIL) lives with us and is partial owner of the house. The rest of ownership belongs to SOC. GMIL is the one I refer to as 15, going on 80, since she acts like she never mentally or emotionally developed past 15. If you want a more in-depth explanation, check BB for details.
I mentioned that I was having a cancer scare and that LO was being left in the hands of GMIL for babysitting. Somehow shit got worse. Sooo much worse. The Radon filter was installed (as slowly as possible, and GMIL didn't pay for any of it, like she was supposed to). We kind of attended to my cancer scare, but tests and things take time/money and I needed to re-new my insurance. Of course in the middle of that I found out I was pregnant, my body didn't handle the pregnancy well, and we had to end it for a multitude of reasons.
We had a few little blow-ups with both SOC and GMIL, all because of GMIL of course. Except the argument that we didn't want LO stomping above our head at 3 am, because CW enjoyed the freedom provided by LO taking a mid-day nap for 8 hours. Which is kind of a relevant detail, so bare with me.
SOC handled the situation around his kid being up at odd hours by telling us maybe we should just move. When that shit hit the fan, he back-pedalled, and a firm boundary was worked up to prevent future incidents. LO sleeps between the hours of noon and 2pm, then goes to bed by 10pm at the latest.
Well, the other day, GMIL was watching LO and couldn't handle him. Which meant she was trying to get him to sleep for 4 plus hours at 6 pm, which SOC and I agreed would not happen. SO decided to practice on his guitar, and GMIL's response was to try and destroy multiple of our belongings. We had tried keeping the rental situation, and keeping it amicable, but GMIL has ruined that. After her trying to destroy our property, we set the moving date.
TODAY we were minding our own business, packing here and there, but also getting ready for date night. Whenever we spend a decent amount of time upstairs, we have permission from SOC to let their dog out (who otherwise stays in the cage for an inhumane amount of time). Note, GMIL doesn't like the dog and purposefully leaves the dog in the cage as much as possible.
Whenever we let the dog out, we close the bedroom doors so she can't chew everyone's belongings. GMIL came home and opened all of the doors again. It didn't make sense to me, and then the dog went to go in LO's room. I closed the doors again, talking to the dog about how if the doors are left open, she chews things.
GMIL then goes "If you're going to close all of the doors, than I'm going to turn the heat off." (Mind you, it is currently below freezing, and again, we live in a drafty ass basement.)
I explained to her that if you don't close the doors, the dog will chew things, and that it's not fair to turn the heat off when we live in the basement. It's also not fair to the dog to stay in a crate 20 hours in a day.
GMIL falsely claims that she lets the dog out and watches her when she's home. Remember, GMIL hates the dog, and I can hear everything from downstairs. The only time GMIL "watches" the dog is when I let the dog out, and then GMIL comes home. The last time she "watched" the dog, it got a hold of LO's stuff.
I told her that she was wrong, and SO went to the thermostat to return it to a reasonable temperature. GMIL gets in SO's way and then grabs his arm. Screams about it being her house, then says something about kicking us out.
SO was abused as a child and DOES NOT take well to people touching him without permission. He yells at her for touching him, and then yells at her that she doesn't get to make threats.
We go downstairs, and try to calm down and just go back to our business. SO had to go back upstairs to pee, and hears GMIL on the phone with someone, lying about what just took place and talking shit about us. SO yells at her, calls her a dirty liar and a prick. I hear yelling upstairs and run up in time to witness/hear SO telling her she can't put her hands on people. GMIL yells, "I just touched you!" and he responds, "YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TOUCH ME."
Well, folks, the JustNo got more JustNoMIL-y. The missing generation between GMIL and CW? She was on the phone with GMIL, had just dropped her at the house, actually. So the JNMIL of this family/story, heads back to our house.
Who all wants to guess what happened next?
If you guessed JNGMIL and JNMIL just quietly had BEC moments between them... you'd be wrong. JNMIL immediately comes to the stairs (inside the house), and starts calling for SO (since, y'know, neither of them know my name, cause racism).
SO goes towards whoever is calling his name (cause we honestly didn't know at this point). The she-beast JNMIL is at the top of the stairs yelling/asking why SO is "screaming at her 82 year old mother".
I immediately get in-between SO and her, as she starts descending the stairs. I tell JNMIL that her mother is the one putting her hands on people and breaking our rent agreement with SOC. Also, get the fuck out of here you have no right to be screaming at us in our own home.
For some reason JNMIL is threatening to call the cops on us? I tell her to get the fuck out of my home, and tell her not to touch me. You know the JNMIL arm flap? Her doing that caused her to touch my face, hence telling her not to touch me. This woman's response was to wave both her middle fingers in the air around my face, again touching me cause her coordination is shit. This is where SO starts the recording of me and her screaming back and forth. Which, you can't not scream at anyone in that family apparently, because they will cut you off by screaming lies/deflection. JNMIL threatens to knock me out. (Oh, nooooo a 50 something year old lady, so tewiffying!)
I tell JNMIL she has no right to come into our home and scream at us, especially when she has no idea what's going on. JNMIL screams some shit at us about it not being our home. I respond with the fact that we're renters, which means GASP WE LIVE HERE. Then JNMIL screams that we rent the basement. Which in hindsight is her saying we shouldn't have even been in the main house, but she obviously doesn't know shit since that is where our bathroom/laundry/the kitchen is.
So, SO and I call the cops, and so does JNMIL. SO and I wait in the garage with the door open so we can make sure JNMIL doesn't pull the rug with the police. The police show up and basically tell us that we can't ask her to leave, (even though she admitted to threatening to knock me out in front of an officer) and she can't keep harassing us. They also tell us that if we have further issue shy of a physical dispute, that we need to call the sheriff's office instead. They essentially said the same to JNMIL.
The police leave and I'm starting to really lose my grip. SO isn't the only one with PTSD (thanks, Suzie Ew), and I had put all of my focus into protecting SO/talking to police calmly. JNMIL of course, decides to stick around because wouldn't round three be great.
The whole time JNMIL is upstairs, her and JNGMIL are talking shit, as well as brainstorming (illegal) ways to fuck with us. (Putting a false eviction on our record, filing a report of elder abuse, etc.) Neither of them realize we can hear EVERYTHING. At one point, they start discussing SO and I. There's the usual BEC, implying we're crazy or assholes or something.. But then they start talking about our jobs..
SO works as a grave-digger (my inner goth-girl squees about this), and I'm going to fucking school. Yeah, I'm not working cause I could afford not to up until now, pretty much. They jump from saying that we have no jobs to going, "I bet she's a prostitute."
0.e Y'all.. Y'ALL. A CRAZY WOMAN COMES INTO SOMEONE'S HOME TO HARASS AND SCREAM AT THEM AND ACTS LIKE SHE'S ABOVE ANYONE. I say no. First and foremost, sex workers are people deserving of fucking respect, so no that is not an insult. But intending that to be an insult towards me, while being a massive, crazy, cunt is infuriating. Also, wrong kind of sex-worker, bitch. I'm a fucking stripper. end rant
SO and I talked to SOC on the phone, as well as SO's (JY)mother, SOC also called his own mother. It was collectively decided that SOC's mom would compensate for her son and pay for a uhaul in the next two days. We were moving out in a week, and now we're moving out in two days. I went from having a jump on packing to being behind.
Oh, and then we got told to "stay calm" and "stay in our own lane" by SOC. That's the perfect lack of accountability we expected. So, no surprise there. Guess that hopefully means the end of the 15 Going On 80 saga.
TL;DR: JNGMIL starts an argument and makes threats instead of calmly explaining herself over a miscommunication. Instead of it stopping there, her daughter, a JNMIL, comes into/to our house and screams at my SO and I, while trying to instigate a fight. We were a week from moving, and are now moving in two days with SO'sCousin's Mom having to compensate for her son being a shit landlord.
Also, turns out the reason JNGMIL didn't pay for the radon filter or multiple electric bills (per their agreement) was because she bought new couches instead!
*Edited to add: apparently we can't even be given a guarantee that MIL will stay out of the house for the ONE day we need space to pack.
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[BB] Playhouse S4: Friends and Family

Playhouse is a continuous series that may reference past events from previous seasons. Because of this, I highly recommend you go and check out Playhouse S1,Playhouse S2, and or Playhouse S3 if you haven't already before moving on to this season, just so you are informed of certain events or people that may be mentioned by others in their bios or in the season write-up.
Welcome, simulators of the world! Finally, after nearly two months (wow!) of waiting, about a quarter of that time actually being spent writing the season, I can proudly say that Playhouse Season Four is finally a thing! Yayyyy! God I hope I don’t take so long on these in the future.
Anyways, this season is named ‘Friends and Family!’ There are three--yep, count ‘em up, three!--big twists this season. There will be ten new houseguests joined by three players, one from each of the previous seasons in this series, each with the drive and motivation to redeem themselves from their past performance. Along with that, there will be a pair of twins within the house that will be switching places every few days in the house, but playing and acting like one person for the first four weeks of the game. Finally, we managed to find two half-siblings who have never met each other before, nor do they have any clue they exist or are related to each other. Their first time meeting each other will be in this game, where stress and mistrust will be rampant everywhere!
Now, enough of that. I’m sure you’re waiting for the season and write-up, right? Well, here’s the season, and here’s the write-up! Down below, bios as usual if you’re into that kinda stuff. Other than that, fan favorite poll at the very bottom of this post. Hope you guys enjoy this season! I promise season five will not take as long to produce, and I’ll try to get seasons out every two or three weeks from here on out.
“Heyyyy again! That’s right, bitch, Aldo is back again! It’s been nearly a year since I last stepped foot in that house, and so much has changed since then. I’ve managed to get into contact with Luca, being inspired to try and get in a better relationship with him. I’ve moved down to Tucson, Arizona to oversee the management of a new hotel in our hotel chain. Luca is helping me with it. Well, more like I’m training Luca to manage it himself in the near-future, but he’s very helpful to have around as another set of hands and eyes and brain. Enough about that shit, though. It's game time. Now, you all know I could’ve made it farther than eighth place last time. Bitches got the jump on Cupcake Corner, though, and managed to get us out just before we could seize total control over the game. This time, I’m all gameplay. I’m not gonna let my emotions weaken me. I’m gonna be cutthroat, I’m gonna make alliances of three and be flexible about all of them. I’m here to make sure no one else steals my half-million dollar check, and more importantly, my rightful title of Champion. You better not expect any mercy or forgiveness from me, bitch, ‘cuz I’m not gonna hand out any of it this time around. You viewers are going to enjoy watching me this time around. That’s all I gotta say about that. Peace!”
"Sup! I'm Amnisty and I'm a dance coach, just give me some tunes and I'll be happy to shake it! An interesting fact about me is that I changed my first name. You know what it used to be before? Daisy! I hated being named after a flower, it's too girly for me. I changed it to Amnisty as soon as I graduated college. Did you know Amnisty in English means 'freedom'? I didn't either, I just googled 'girl names that mean freedom' and it was on the list! I loved the feeling of being able to make my own choices after being suffocated by my parents with rules, so I went the extra mile to express my freedom from them by changing my name. They actually liked my new name, although they occasionally call me Daisy to get on my nerves, and we still talk basically everyday. After that, I was doing all this craaaaaaaazy stuff: skydiving, swimming with sharks, and hiking inside a volcano, basically anything to give me an adrenaline rush! I loved using the phrase 'YOLO'. I have a bucket list of things I want to do before I turn 40. I'm 25% done right now, and 'making it to the finale of a reality show' was the next thing on the list, right after 'eating a deep-fried tarantula'. Speaking of the show, I've been too busy explaining my life story to explain my strategy going into the house. I'm thinking of subtly inserting myself into the majority alliance and getting close to the leader of it so I can assure my safety, challenges excluded, for most of the game and everything will go smooooooooth...hopefully."
“Good day, everyone watching! My name is Angela Webber, but I’m mostly known as just ‘Gela.’ If you’re one of my students, though, you are not allowed to call me that until you graduate! So, I must admit before proceeding: I have not watched this show before. Not even a single episode. I only know it exists and how it works through my younger sister, who is too young to apply herself. She told me it would be really cool to see me on the show, so who am I to not at least attempt to get on this show for my little sis? Honestly, I’m surprised I ended up getting casted, but I’ll persevere all the same. In my day to day life, I listen to other people and their problems. I deal with conflicting personalities, both at work and in my home life, as I have seven younger siblings that I always had to look after while growing up. At work, I also sort out problems that other students have and find a way to solve those problems in an effective manner. Now, these people aren’t high school kids, but from what my little sister has told me, most of them are typically in their early twenties. They still have problems of their own. And I still have ears to listen with. My plan going into this house is to simply listen and respect everyone, and hope that they give me the same back over time. Perhaps I’ll find someone who knows how to play the game better than I do, too, so that they can give me tips and pointers on how to do things or what to say and when. It's a very complex game, I know that, but I think even an unknowledgable person like me can still go far and potentially win if given the chance. So, that’s me, and I hope you enjoy watching me as I play this game!”
“Hey, I’m Cam. My hobbies include chopping up animals for others to consume, partying with friends, and, as of recently, wedding planning is now a hobby too, apparently! It is for my fiancé, at least. So, I'm playing this game for my future wife and I. We want to start off on the right foot and go on to be a successful family, and while the butchering business is keeping us afloat, it won't get us much farther than that at the rate it's going. So, I'm in this for the money...also, the title of ‘Champion’ sounds pretty badass if you ask me, heh! Wouldn't mind having that as well. My plan to win is to try and stay more relaxed and have another person to anchor myself to. On my own, I can get a little anxious, but if I get someone I trust to talk to and help me out, then I think I have a high chance of making it far and possibly winning the game. So, you’ll all see me once again when I'm in the house. Make sure to have an eye on me, ‘cause I can feel an exciting journey waiting just inside the doors of that house!”
“Fun fact: If you look up the definition of ‘Robbed’ in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of me in there! Oh, also, because I couldn’t get to say this to them last season, I’m guessing they’ll both be watching this for me to say it to them in some way. So, Jon and Lars: Fuck you! You two screwed me over, but I’m back to prove that it was just me having a bad week. I got unlucky. I can play this game and I will play this game. I’m not really out to win, since as proven last time I played, little things can prevent you from winning the game. However, my goal is to at least make the jury. If I make it to jury, that’s more than enough time to have a chance to actually play the game and have fun with it. This time, I want to meet people more, maybe even get hooked up in a showmance. This time, I want to make sure that the sneaky villains don’t get away with their antics. This time, I will play, and I will slay. You can count on it.”
“Some of you might think I don’t deserve to play this game again, and I would agree with you to some extent. Looking back on it, I played terribly in the first season. All I did was follow around Darryl and play to his will, thinking I could take credit for his gameplay if I got to the end. I was sorely mistaken. So, I don’t think that gameplay is worthy of an all-star return. However, as you can clearly see, this won’t be an all-star season. I’m here for redemption. I want to play my own game this time, as I don’t have a game I can own up to myself. Not yet, at least. As far as I know, Darryl isn’t going to return with me, so I won’t have to worry about slipping into old habits. I can and will make my mark on the game this time and be my own player. I made it to the final three last time and had a chance to make it to the finale, so I think I can easily make my way back there once again. I’m glad to have another shot at it, and I won’t make waste of it, I can promise you all that.”
“Hello. I am Detective MacDonald, but I'll be casually known as Nick in this house. No need for huge amounts of formality going into this house. I've been working as a detective for eight years now, and before that I spent most of my early life learning and working my way up the ladder to becoming a detective. I was inspired to pursue this life back when I was fourteen, and my best friend was murdered in the crossfire of a gang fight. The murderer was never specifically identified, but the gang as a whole was arrested eventually. At the time, however, it heavily motivated me to dedicate my life to seeking out the individuals who commit crimes and ruin lives. I’m here to play this game in order to give me a test of my deductive abilities in a setting where everyone is meant to be deceiving and manipulative. If I can win this game, or at least make it far, while utilizing my observation and analytical skills to figure out who to trust and who to try and evict, then I think that’ll prove as a great mark of me being an excellent detective. I want to practice my skills, so here I am. Hopefully my skills have only sharpened instead of dulled over time.”
“Hey! I’m P.J, and I’m a huge competitor! Just about everything is a competition to me: Eating cereal the fastest, getting the highest amount of likes on a post on social media, lifting more weights than the other people in the gym. You name it, and I’ve probably viewed it as a competition before. My twin brother, Eric, and I both had our fair share of butting heads growing up, I beat him, though. Most of the time. Anyways, going into this game, I’m pumped! It's just one huge competition, start to finish, and I’m ready to go in there for the win. I wanna get that half-million, I wanna win competitions and get people evicted, I wanna be a part of game-changing moves and powerful alliances. I’m here for the whole deal, and I plan on sticking around a while for it. Make no mistake, I’m here to win, and I’ll get that win no matter what it takes. For myself, and for my family.”
“Hi hi hi! You all can call me P! Not peepee or anything gross like that, but just P. The letter. Nothing else. I got teased quite a bit for my nickname, but I don’t care, it’s my nickname and i like it! So, I’ve had an interesting upbringing. My father and I, we basically lived in hotel rooms. When mommy died, we didn’t have huge amounts of money left to really spend on a house anymore, so we just went from hotel to hotel. My father ended up becoming a magician to try and make some money, which only kept our hotel-to-hotel lifestyle going as we went from shows and events all around the country. I can proudly say I have been in all fifty states of the U.S! When I turned eighteen, I went out on my own to try and make it as a stage actress. The results have been...less than stellar, but I’m hoping that things’ll pick up for me soon! I know they’ll have to. I’m playing this game for the money, obviously, but also to hopefully pick up a casting agent so I can get a role on a new play or something. I swear I’m a great actor, and I’ll prove it by acting in this house to fool other people into thinking I’m something I’m not! I’m here to win, and I won’t be afraid to do what has to be done to win it!”
“Hey everyone! My name is Rebecca, and I’m not actually new to this whole thing. Ya see, I’ve played in a different series like this. In fact, if you remember Lars from season two of this series, and how he played twice before in a gameshow called Drama House, I’m from that series too! In fact, I’m the very first winner of it! Although, I don’t know if that counts ‘cause the first season was formatted differently from the rest...but ah, fuck it, a win's a win! I came back a second time in that series and got third place playing the ‘new’ format anyways, so I think I’m expert enough to tackle this challenge. Unlike Lars, I’m gonna keep it chill and relaxed and just have a fun time with peeps. Also unlike Lars, I won’t let anyone know about my previous experiences on Drama House, even if they question me about it. I’m just gonna be a nice, happy-go-lucky gal for the first bit of the game, then I’ll kick it up and have more fun with the competitive side of the game in later weeks. Overall, I’m excited to be playing a game like this again! And with new types of people, too! Hopefully it goes well for me!!”
“My name is Sapphire, and I’m just a more laid-back kind of gal. I don’t get pumped up about things easily. Hell, when I found out I was getting into this house, I didn’t feel too excited. My dad says I’m just apathetic to an extent. I think I’m just underexcited most of the time. Speaking of my dad, we’ve lived with each other for the past twenty-two years. I still live with him, even with my photography work going on, he doesn’t mind my company in the house. He’s a very stoic man, but he’s got a deep layer of emotion hidden underneath that stoicism. Ever since mom left the family via divorce, though, dad’s been stoic just about all the time...anyways, I signed up for this game for the money. Quite honestly, I don’t want to live in my father’s basement the rest of my life. I want to move out and get my own apartment, my own photography studio as well if possible, and to get a nice, stable place set up to work in. I’m not here for a showmance, I’m not here for fame, and I’m not here for the title. I’m just in it for the money. My plan for this game is to just play more under-the-radar. Well, I’m betting most people will call it a floater strategy, but I’ll try to have little bits and pieces of gameplay here and there to make sure I’m not doing absolutely nothing. This game brings a lot of twists as well, so I’m going to try and be flexible with who I stick with and how I handle myself. It may not look like it, but I’m pretty excited for this game to finally begin, and I hope all of you are, too.”
“My name is Weston, I’m twenty-three, I study psychology for a living, and I’m honestly intimidated going into this game. I’m not a hugely social person, but I am a very smart person, so I guess I have that going for me. Oh, uh, I guess I should talk more about my life. I lived in a house with my mother, father, two dogs, and a brother who could never learn to properly clean up his stuff. I swear, it bothered me so much. I still feel like some days he was intentionally being messy just to tick me off about it that much more. I’m not a very social person, as I said, but I am very strict and won’t be afraid to let you know if you’re bothering me and what about you is bothering me. This game is very socially driven, so I do believe I’ll have a hard time getting through it by myself, but fortunately there are heavy amounts of strategy involved as well. I’m planning on using my knowledge from studying psychology to find people I can trust and to stick with them as long as possible. My goal is to make it to the fourth week, just so I can say I ended up lasting that long. Four just seems like a really special number to me. Something about it I really like. Anyways, that’s it for me, really. Don’t have much else to say.”
“Hey, name’s Zeke, and I'm a lifeguard on the California coastline. Living in Cali has allowed me to live a pretty relaxed life. A little boring, sometimes, but at least I can have fun on the beach as a job almost every day. Growing up, it was pretty much just me and my dad since my mother divorced him when I was young, so I've always had my dad to rely on and get to know over the years. He’s a very kind man who deals with a lot of shit with a smile, so I've strived to do the same in my day to day life. Going into this game I want to win. Nothing more and nothing less, winning is my primary goal in this game. However, I'm not going to actively try to piss people off while doing so, and I do heavily value friendships. They’ll just be more of a side task for me going into this whole thing. I think I'll win this game, I got the skills, the looks, and the confidence. Now I just need to get in there and do it.”
SPOILERS, TWIN CHARACTER! Easton Durani, a 23 year old sociology student from Portland, Maine (created by me)
“YO! My name! Is! Eastooon! Man, am I pumped to play this game! Haha, I’ve been a fan of shit like this for years now, and I’m glad I finally got into one! Albeit, it is through a twist. Ideally I would’ve loved to play as my own player, but eh, I guess switching out with my twin bro works out just fine, too. I’m glad he’s here. He’s not the one who applied or anything, but it's still cool to see him playing the game. Best part is, we’ll be playing the game together! In a way. Well, we’ll really be playing the game together after like, week four, ‘cause that’s how long we need to last while switching out and keeping the charade that we’re one person. Enough about the twist though, let’s talk about me! So, I’m a very happy-go-lucky kinda guy. I enjoy being out and about, talking to new people, just living life. Oh, and cereal. I also really enjoy cereal. Doesn’t matter what kind, the taste of cereal is just oddly satisfying to me. It’s basically all three meals of my day. My plan going into this game? Well, I’m a sociology student. I know how people operate in group situations. I can use that to assess alliances and different behaviors from person to person depending on who they’re talking to. That’s how I’ll find out who to trust. Oh, and also anyone that just aligns with my brother is automatically an ally of mine. So, I’m super pumped, and I hope you are too, ‘cause I know this is gonna be one crazy season! Wooo!”
YO DON'T FORGET! HERE'S THE FAN FAV POLL FOR THIS SEASON! If ya liked this season, didn't like this season, had characters you liked or disliked, or just wanna let me know what you think of this season and the series as a whole, then comment down below! I try to respond to all comments and any feedback is appreciated.
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Week 2 Power Rankings

You can say this week was a bit of a lull, but it certainly started and ended with serious fireworks. Again, these pre-eviction rankings are a combo of who had the best week game-wise and who is sitting best moving forward.
  1. Paul (Last Week: 3) - Talk about a stranglehold on the house. After a bit of a curious situation trying to pick his pawns, he made the safest (and smartest) decision in pawning Alex/Josh, won the POV for himself, and his backdoor plan on Cody was a slam dunk from there. Looking at his current alliance situation, he has a loyal "team" of 6, solid side alliances with Kevin, Josh, and Alex, Jessica and Whistlenut potentially wanting to work with him, his nemesis Cody wanting to team up with him if he battles back, and the only HG he's not in good with (Ramses) as public enemy number 1. And another week of immunity. I still think eventually his game is headed for the powder keg, but as of now he is pretty much the Don of BB19.
  2. Alex (LW: 2) - Seems weird to have a nominee sitting this high up but she's really in quite a good spot right now. She earned the trust of Paul and his people without having to really work that hard to get it, and so much so that some of them might even trust her more than each other. Is she still prone to the occasional dumb comment? Sure. But she has a lot of options open to her moving forward, as just about everyone on both sides of the house sees her as an asset to recruit rather than a threat to take out.
  3. Kevin (LW: 1) - Generally speaking, another pretty solid week. Started off by successfully pinning his vote on Ramses (it can't be understated just how tough it is to actually conceal a vote in today's BB) and while he's playing both sides of the house, he's doing well to keep them both at arm's length. He also continues to benefit from his relationship with Paul, in which I still think Paul confides more in him than the other way around. If there's a red flag moving forward, it's that Alex may be catching onto his relationship with Paul (and trying to steal his spot in Paul's inner circle). Also, this whole "throw a hinky vote" plan has potential to backfire, should he go through with it.
  4. Josh (LW: 5) - Another interesting week for the human bean. And like last week, he started in a bit of a bad spot and ended up sitting pretty well moving forward. His lack of many solid connections/relationships could bite him in the future, but for now it's keeping him under the radar. He's also worked on being easier to live with, which was an issue last week.
  5. Elena (LW: 7) - The next few spots are really a toss up, but I'll go with Elena if for no other reason than nobody seems to be dropping her name as anything more than a pawn weeks down the line. Do I think she's a particularly good player? No. But when everything in the house eventually does hit the fan and everyone realigns, she can float pretty far if she stays out of her own way.
  6. Raven (LW: 4) - Rough week for her, but she's still very safe in the immediate future. However, the house is slowly realizing that she will be a rough out in the later weeks, and also that she would make a good pawn in the current weeks. She's still a safe bet to make jury, but I can easily envision a situation down the road where she goes up as a "pawn" (maybe even in a DE) and the vote flips on her. Also, her injury at least temporarily negates her greatest competitive strength, which would be endurance/physical comps built for smaller, agile girls.
  7. Matt (LW: 10) Would have had him lower, but last night's fireworks kind of moved him up by default. He hasn't really done much of anything, and it's hard to see him making it more than the early jury weeks at this point, but he also hasn't blown his game up yet, so I guess there's something to be said for that. He seems very laid back, but I could see him becoming somewhat overwhelmed should he get an upcoming HOH, but hey, at least he might get a 3rd shirt in his HOH basket.
  8. Christmas (LW: 12) - She's tough to rank, as there is no guarantee she will even be in the house as of tomorrow. But assuming her surgery went well, then she should coast for at least a few weeks. It's been interesting to see her social game change now that she can't default to "well I'll just win a comp". But that said, the only one that might think about going after her next week is Jessica, and I wouldn't say that's terribly likely.
  9. Jason (LW: 9) - Watching this guy try to play social game is hilariously bad, but to his credit at least he is self-aware of this. He's on a lot of people's radar, but he does have a few allies and a few bigger targets in front of him. If there is a major shakeup soon, he could find himself ending up in a pretty good spot largely by accident.
  10. Mark (LW: 6) - How much trouble can someone get themselves in by overreacting to one comment? We're about to find out. After Cody's comment to the whole house that others knew of his decision to backdoor Paul, Mark acted as if he was about to rage punch through the wall and everybody noticed. It's obvious Cody was trying to throw him under the bus, but considering that he didn't actually know about Cody's plan, it was so odd to see him react that way. Now he's got some serious fires to put out all over the house, and while it seems he has fanned the flames (at least for now) with Team Paul, he might find himself on a few people's very immediate hit list on the other side of the house.
  11. Dominique (LW: 8) - On tonight's episode of "You're Talk Show Isn't Actually Real," we are joined by a guest that blew up her game and lost the trust of her closest allies by somehow thinking it wise to interrogate Cody on everything he knew about the former "team" of 9 in front of every single person in the house. Then if that wasn't bad enough, her biggest concern after nearly imploding her entire alliance was that people might not have liked her "talk show". She should leave grilling people about their evictions to Julie Chen and focus on the fact that her allies are one more bad "talk show" away from jumping ship and that she has nothing really solid on the other side to fall back on.
12 Jessica (LW: 13) - Im pretty sure 90% of conversations she's involved in with people that aren't Cody end up with her being personally offended with something about the person trying to talk with her. It almost seems as if she is actively trying to keep fences from being mended, even though she's not everyone's target. In fact, Cody set her up with a golden opportunity yesterday to latch onto some allies, but I've yet to see anything to suggest that she would take advantage of said opportunity.
  1. Ramses (LW: 14) - So on the plus side he used his curse and looks like he will survive his time as the 3rd nom. But that's literally the only plus side. Perhaps he should have gunned harder for the POV and won it, or maybe just go along with the plan to throw it that he promised he would, or own up to the fact that he didn't want to throw the POV on the block. Or literally ANYTHING other than how he actually handled it, by beating 4 of the 5 other people that were trying to win and still pretending he threw it. He managed to anger both Paul's team and the other side of the house that still thinks he's lying to them about his vote. At this point, it's going to take something pretty drastic for this guy to salvage his game.
  2. Cody (LW: 11) - I feel obligated to put him last on the day of his eviction, but with the battle back most likely looming and the house in turmoil after last night, he could very well be walking back in the house in a week to a situation that he could actually work with. But that's all still speculation at this point. What isn't speculation is that he will be getting evicted tonight.
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Week 8 Power Rankings

Pretty serious realignment this week in both the rankings and alliance grid as the majority alliance has finally begun sizing each other up in preparation for the first week in forever without a clear "house target". With an endurance comp looming that is clearly more high stakes for some than others, we are faced with 2 competing agendas heading into next week.
As always, feeds spoilers ahead
  1. Paul (Last Week: 1) - Mark's eviction wraps up a hyper-efficient 3 week blitz of his 4 biggest targets, and now with all his enemies sitting at home or in jury, he has essentially shifted to phase 2 of his game. Rather than continue his season-long strategy of selecting a "next target" and rallying everyone else against that person, he has placed himself in a spot where 3 different pairs within the house all consider him as their number 3. He clearly favors the Josh-Xmas pair, and has set things up moving forward that there is a very good chance that both of the other pairs lose one in the next 2 weeks. His preferred target of choice next week is Jason (to split him from Alex), but plan B of evicting Matt should suit his interests almost as well. He really has no reason to gun hard for tonight's HOH, and would probably be better served not winning it so he can more easily scoop up whoever is left from the targeted pair. Looking much farther down the road, he should easily dunk on whoever is left in a jury vote, as bitter jurors will be bitter against just about everyone left, so his biggest challenge moving forward is keeping up his "I won't win at the end" facade so that they don't start realizing nobody would beat him.
  2. Christmas (LW: 5) - Despite making herself sound like an absolute fool with all those DRs bragging about "big moves," she was correct to make the safe and predictable move with her first HOH. She now sits in a position that is almost as safe as Paul at the moment, with both of the warring pairs next week believing they are in a final 5 with her. Nobody expected her to do much as far as competitions since her surgery, but I feel like it's important that she at least got one (even though it took an assist from Paul) of the ones she can play in. She hardly stands a chance next to Paul, but you have to wonder how her jury vote chances stack up against the rest of them should the Dark Lord of Friendship meet his demise. Perhaps her "overcoming injury" narrative may carry some weight? The comps she can play in moving forward will probably get fewer and far between, but she's in a very good spot socially and isn't going anywhere the next few weeks.
  3. Josh (LW: 4) - Meatball rounds out the trio at the top, having secured himself a place in just about everyone's F5 plans as well. I was expecting more fireworks from him once they finally pinned down his season-long enemy Mark, but he kept his cool and may even be starting to become self-aware from a jury management perspective. Probably doesn't matter, though. While I see him as perhaps the favorite to grab 50k at the moment, it would take a small miracle for him to win in a jury vote. Still, he has as many paths to the end as anyone in the game right now, and anything is possible.
  4. Raven (LW: 8) - Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of the realignment this week, as she is now positioned to slip through the cracks and float her way at least somewhere into the F5/F4 range. It's not like she's really done anything to help her own case, but the fact that she is still the smallest fish in a pool that is rapidly shrinking makes her an afterthought among the bigger targets. I'm sure she won't be too happy to lose Matt sometime in the next 2 weeks, but he seems more than willing to pull the ol' "fall on his sword" move and set her up to float a few weeks farther. I wouldn't be surprised if she eventually becomes a part of Paul's F3 plans, but thats more of a testament to how little of a chance she stands at winning.
  5. Alex (LW: 3) - It was only a matter of time before their strong comp performances made her and Jason targets, but that very same competitive ability could be their saving grace with an endurance comp coming up tonight. And while she is probably the odds on favorite to win it, she's not necessarily done if she doesn't win. Jason has surpassed her on the target list, and her relationship with Paul should keep her above water for the time being. She's no longer as close to the drivers seat as she'd probably like to think she is, but with numbers dwindling and the "backdoor" strategy no longer really viable, she's going to be a tough out.
  6. Kevin (LW: 6) - I'm really starting to think that his remarkable pre-jury run of successful mystery votes and game moves was more luck (and Paul) than anything. One week later, he's still very much on the outs with essentially everyone in the house except Jason. His disdain for Matt & Raven and his growing tension with Alex also seriously limits his possibilities for any future alliances once he finally does become Paul's target, which as of now would be once he has taken one from each of the "Maven/Jalex" pairs. Got to think he needs an HOH very soon to salvage his game, but I wouldn't really count on it being this endurance competition.
  7. Jason (LW: 2) - He was sitting in such a good spot before that double, and is yet another example of a DE HOH that should have thrown it. Now instead of being shielded by Alex, they have officially been branded a "power duo" and he only reenforced that with his POV win that he might have needed more than he knew. But the good thing about being a "power duo" is that they will be tough to take out and stand a good chance at this next HOH, even though they will probably waste it on Matt. It's looking more and more like his only path to the end is via competition wins, but if he did somehow get there, he's got as good a chance in F2 as anyone not named Paul.
  8. Matt (LW: 7) - He talks about "taking one for the team" (the "team" being Raven & Paul) so often these days that it's almost like he's looking forward to it. And he might get his wish soon. Even though he is not Paul's preferred next target, he is clearly plan B and assuming Paul throws HOH, he must hope that either he, Raven, or Josh can beat Alex, Jason & Kevin in an endurance comp. I don't really love those odds. And if he does find himself on the block, the rest of the house will be more than happy to let him take one for the team and let him go eat cereal in the jury house.
  9. Mark (LW: 10) - We bid farewell to the last member of the anti-Paul rebel alliance tonight, even though he put up an impressive fight with a 4 week competition streak to postpone his eviction. Like Cody, I applaud him for at least trying to campaign his way out of a hopeless situation, but he will be joining the rest of his crew in jury tonight.
Mark's game this season can be summed up as a case of trying to play the middle when the "middle" just wasn't there. Hedging your bets can be a good strategy in BB, but it becomes far less effective once everyone knows you're doing it. The numbers were probably going to always work against him even if he did pick a side, but there's no way of ever knowing for sure. Bon voyage, big fella. Hope you at least enjoy your time in jury with Elena.
Bonus: Endurance HOH
After weeks of question and skill competitions, we return to endurance. No idea if it will be a wall, the swinging into barrier comp, or something else, but it will be on feeds. They only had 1 so far this season, but here's how they stacked up on the first wall comp (which lasted approx 98 minutes and had 11 players)
Josh - 11/11, approx 21 minutes Mark - 10/11, approx 28 minutes Raven - 9/11, approx 47 minutes Kevin - 7/11, approx 64 minutes Matt - 6/11, approx 74 minutes Jason- 3/11, approx 97 minutes (deal with Alex/Elena) Alex - won HOH, approx 98 minutes Paul & Xmas did not play.
Got to think Alex/Jason are pretty clear favorites if it's another wall. The one variable might be Raven, who could see a better performance in a competition built for small girls assuming she can make it to competition time without injuring herself again. Paul performed well on the wall in his season, but I don't expect him to go hard tonight.
If it's the swinging comp, then I would say advantage Jason. Smaller girls have a tougher time with the barrier, so the impact could wear down Alex & Raven. Matt might perform ok, but he's a question mark as well. Josh doesn't really seem built to perform well in any type of endurance competition either.
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